Monday, September 5, 2011

moms can have fun too

Today was a glorious,  beautiful fall day here in the Midwest. Temps right around 70 and breezy....actually a little cool for Labor day. I felt bad for anyone hoping to go swimming one last time today, it was just too cold. But it was a great day to take the kids to the park. So we got some lunch and went to the park nearby for a little unplanned picnic. It was nice and quiet there, we were the only ones there at this time. After we ate lunch, I was watching my kids slide and run around and I decided the swings looked particularly inviting. So I went and sat down on a swing. Then I swung just a little to test it out. My kids looked at me funny but decided to come over to the swings too. Then I decided to go full force felt wonderful. Just like floating back in forth in the wind and sun, almost like flying. I probably haven't sat on a swing in over 10 years (which my 7 year old seems think is forever ago). It was fun and refreshing. And I got to teach my kids how to pump their little legs just like me so they could swing by themselves too. All in all, it was a fun afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather God has graced us with.

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