Monday, September 5, 2011

moms can have fun too

Today was a glorious,  beautiful fall day here in the Midwest. Temps right around 70 and breezy....actually a little cool for Labor day. I felt bad for anyone hoping to go swimming one last time today, it was just too cold. But it was a great day to take the kids to the park. So we got some lunch and went to the park nearby for a little unplanned picnic. It was nice and quiet there, we were the only ones there at this time. After we ate lunch, I was watching my kids slide and run around and I decided the swings looked particularly inviting. So I went and sat down on a swing. Then I swung just a little to test it out. My kids looked at me funny but decided to come over to the swings too. Then I decided to go full force felt wonderful. Just like floating back in forth in the wind and sun, almost like flying. I probably haven't sat on a swing in over 10 years (which my 7 year old seems think is forever ago). It was fun and refreshing. And I got to teach my kids how to pump their little legs just like me so they could swing by themselves too. All in all, it was a fun afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather God has graced us with.

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Blog, not so new mom.....

So after reading a few blogs from friends, I have decided that I too, need a blog. Why? Heck if I's not as if I'm not busy enough as it is, being a registered nurse outside of the home and a busy wife and mom inside the home. Today I agreed to be head room parent for my 2nd grade daughter's class...which means I have to help plan and put on the 3 classroom parties of the year and apparently help with school functions...and coordinate other classroom helper parents...this is in addition to my other commitments such as helping out in my preschool son's class room, MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) where I make the monthly newsletter and am one of two "sunshine moms" and girl scouts. Thankfully I am not a leader or co-leader there. Add in the dog, the cat, the home work, the house work.....yep...I am definitely a mom on the run most of the time. But in between all the craziness comes the hugs and kisses and "mommy I wuv you" that melts my heart and most definitely makes it all worth while. And so, here I am, with a new blog, from this not so new mom. If I have absolutely nothing else to write about, my kids will give me pleanty of material I am sure.  Parenting is definitely an adventure, so why not share it with others along the way? :)