Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Baby Eczema Bar Soap

One of the great products I got to try out from my Influenster Naturals Vox Box is this Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Baby Eczema Bar Soap. The bar is 5oz and retails for $4.99. This soap is made with organic shea butter, argan oil and extracts of Frankincense and Myrrh. Honestly the first thing I thought about was baby Jesus and the gifts the three kinds brought him when I saw Frankincense and Myrrh on the label. The soap is brown in color and has a very pleasant scent to it.

The label says "baby" on it, but this soap is ideal for anyone really. It is sulfate free and enriched with natural and organic ingredients such as African Shea, coconut oil and chamomile. According to the label it says "Shea Butter - deeply moisturizes and heals dry skin with it's high content of fatty acids and vitamins. Argan Oil - high in vitamin E, this rare oil softens and renews the skin. Frankincense and Myrrh - given as a gift of beauty throughout history, these precious extracts repair and rejuvinate skin" That all sounds outstanding to me!

I was interested in trying this soap out on myself, and my son and daughter. I have dry, itchy skin, as does my daughter. And my son has eczema. So reading the label I was sure that all three of us could benefit from this soap. I was right. It lathers easily and makes a nice, creamy lather on the wash cloth. It has a good, fresh scent that is not over powering and lightly scents your skin. I personally feel like my skin is less dry and itchy since I have been using it. I have noticed my children scratch less as well and my son's skin doesn't feel as sand paperish as it usually does. I am very interested in seeing how his skin does during the winter with this soap, as that is when his eczema gets the worst from the cold, dry air. I am fairly certain though, that this soap will greatly improve his skin during the winter months.

There is a whole line of products from Shea Moisture Baby that I am going to try including healing lotion and head to toe wash and shampoo. If you have a child with dry skin, or have dry skin yourself, I suggest you try out this bar for sure.

I would like to thank Influenster and Shea Moisture Baby for giving me and my family the opportunity to try out and review this great product.



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  1. Hi, Does the packaging on the bar soap for eczema say gluten free?